Buddy’s Bushwacker $7.00
Strawberry Daiquiri $7.00
Pina Colada $7.00
Frozen Margarita $7.00
Bacardi 151 Topper $3.00


Water Moccasin $6.50

Crown Royal, Amaretto,
Sweet and Sour Mix,
Pineapple Juice

House Margarita $6.50

Jose Cuervo Silver, Triple Sec,
Sour Mix

Top Shelf Margarita $10.00

Patron Silver, Grand Marnier,
Sour Mix, Splash of Orange Juice

Bloody Mary $6.50

Pinnacle Vodka, Bloody Mary Mix,
Tabasco, Pickled Okra, Olives,
Pickled Green Bean

Neely Henry $6.50

Southern Comfort, Orange Juice,
Peach Schnapps, Blue Curacao

LBM $6.50

Malibu, Peach Schnapps, Pineapple
Juice, Cranberry Juice

We Stock 70 Craft Beers

Selection changes depending on availability.